Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dollar Honoring Ancient Coin Collecting President and Diplomat Enters Circulation

I just received an example of the latest Presidential dollar coin honoring John Quincy Adams from my local bank. The US Mint's Press release about the coin is here:

The mint's press release recounts the younger Adams' biography which included a stint as a diplomat and US Secretary of State. Curiously, the mint's press release fails to mention Adams was also a very serious ancient coin collector, who particularly loved ancient Roman coins.

I can only imagine that John Quincy Adams would be unhappy about the State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs' bias against ancient coin collectors and the small businesses of the numismatic trade and its continuing efforts to hide its decision making processes through its failure to voluntarily produce information subject to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Hopefully, with both major candidates for President promising greater transparency in government and a "fair shake" for the "little guy," this will change for the better.

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Addiction Medicine Plus said...

I enjoyed your informative article regarding John Quincy Adams. As you noted, we can only hope we "little guys" will get a "fair shake" but I would not even bet a wooden nickel that will come to pass. mc

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