Saturday, February 28, 2009

American Chinese Collector's Association Calls for Christie's Boycott

Chinese media reports that a group called the "American Chinese Collector's Association" supports the Chinese retaliation against Christie's for auctioning off Italian-designed garden sculptures from the Qing Summer Palace. See: and

It would be interesting to learn more more about this group. I could find virtually nothing about it other than an affiliation with the US China Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization. See: Does the group have some official or semi-official link with the Chinese government? Was the group formed to support repatriation by purchase of Chinese artifacts in the United States? Does it also promote Americans collecting less culturally significant Chinese artifacts for cultural exchange purposes? I do not recall this group commenting on the Chinese request for import restrictions when they were pending, but it would also be interesting to learn about its position on these new regulations. I would welcome some answers to these questions and/or some better idea of the aims of this particular group.

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