Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Public Hearing on Interim Review of Italian MOU

The State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has responded positively to concerns raised by the numismatic and museum communities concerning a lack of public participation in CPAC's interim review of the Italian MOU. Those concerns were summarized here:

I wish the State Department could have provided notice sooner, but still appreciate their decision to allow for public comment on the interim review of this important MOU.

For more details about the hearing on Nov. 13th, see today's Federal Register Notice at

Those wishing to comment or attend should note the following deadlines, which are fast approaching.
  • Nov. 2- Deadline for written comments (limited to Art. II of the MOU, which relates to Italy's obligations under the agreement).
  • Nov.4- Deadline to reserve seating.

A hearing on Nov. 12th will also address the renewal of the MOU with El Salvador.

For those wishing to comment, here are the Committee’s procedures:

The most recent and earlier Italian MOU can be found here:

Those writing should also comply with the State Department's request that comments solely address Art. II, Italy's obligations. This can include discussions about Italy's stewardship of its own cultural property as well as whether Italy should consider programs like the U.K.'s Treasure Act and PAS. Back in 2000, CPAC recommended that Italy consider a Treasure Trove program, but that recommendation was not included in the initial or current MOU.

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