Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nicholas Burns, "the Philhellene," to Return to the State Department?

Foreign Policy Magazine reports that former Undersecretary of State, Nicholas Burns, is on a short list to become the No. 2 person at the State Department, should the current office-holder leave State to become Dean of Georgetown University's Foreign Service School. See

If Burns is ultimately nominated for the job, he will likely be asked about his prior support for the failed policy of engagement with Iran during his confirmation hearings. See

Just maybe though, an inquiring Senator might also want to ask Burns about any part he played in throwing American small businesses and ancient coin collectors "under the bus" after receiving an award from Greek and Greek Cypriot interest groups. See

Some might dismiss all this as but a "minor issue." But doesn't the way a public official handles such "minor issues" potentially speak volumes about how they might handle the "larger issues" of the day?

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