Friday, April 9, 2010

ACCG Fax Wizard Assists Collectors Wishing to Comment to CPAC

The ACCG Fax Wizard has been put into operation to assist ancient coin collectors to comment to CPAC about the upcoming renewal of the Italian MOU. The applicable Federal Register notice does not indicate whether Italy has formally requested that import restrictions on coins be added to the current restrictions. Unfortunately, based on prior experience with the Cyprus MOU, without an unambiguous statement from the State Department that coins are "not on the table," one has to assume CPAC will be asked to consider changing the current exemption.

To access the Fax Wizard see:

Those who have their own fax machines should fax the State Department directly as set forth here:

While form letters are easy to use, it is always better to express ones views individually. CPAC will be interested in how import restrictions might negatively impact Americans' ability to preserve, study and display and appreciate ancient Greek and Roman coins struck in Italy.

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acs said...

As a collector of ancient coins,although I m european I don t agree restrictions concerning the legal traffic of antiquities.I respect all of people who take care of these treasures,which are our modern world heritage.It s real fact that our roman ancestors legacy don t belong altogether to Italian Republic.