Saturday, May 22, 2010

Appeal to Rescue Numismatic Archive

Coins Weekly has carried an appeal seeking donations to restore numismatic manuscripts that suffered severe damage when the building housing the Cologne archives collapsed. For more, see

As the appeal notes,

Coin collectors as the true custodians of cultural assets! Hundreds of numismatic and economic historical sources are stored in Cologne which surely are not at the top of the priority list for a restoration funding. Therefore, the disappearing of a history coin collectors are interested in is imminent. Research is hindered by the gigantic damage that makes an accession of the Cologne sources impossible for decades. The coin collectors are now facing a possibility to make clear who is really interested in protecting cultural assets! The Cologne disaster is a chance for every responsible coin collector to show that not only our own collection but the public treasures as well are near and dear to us! Just now, in the ongoing discussion about cultural assets, emphatic and generous help is of the essence! After all, we collectors are willing to assume responsibility for our common past!

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