Sunday, September 12, 2010

Looting Matters: Protecting the Archaeological Heritage of Greece--For the Benefit of All Who Value Knowledge About the Past?

Archaeo-Blogger David Gill quotes AIA VP Sebastian Heath as stating a MOU with Greece is in the interests of all Americans and, indeed, anyone who values knowledge about the past: Looting Matters: Protecting the Archaeological Heritage of Greece

If so, what about the views of coin collectors who have expressed concerns in their comments to CPAC about the impact of any MOU on their continued ability to preserve, study and display historic Greek coinage? Don't they also value knowledge about the past? Indeed, if anything, I would submit because collectors come from all walks of life, their views best reflect the interests of the general public in such matters.


Dorothy King said...

You can disagree with Dr Gill, but I wouldn't describe him as an Archaeo-blogger. There are one or too fools out there who might be, but Gill is a solid academic with tenure in respected university department and a well regarded long list of publications both on cultural property and straight archaeology in some of the leading journals.

Cultural Property Observer said...

D- All true, but which makes the tenor of many of his posts and who he links to (at least one such fool) all the more disturbing. Best, Peter