Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He's Back....

Just when we thought he was gone, Zahi Hawass has been reappointed Egyptian Minister of Antiquities. See Presumably the serious allegations of corruption made against the SCA in general and against Hawass personally will now be swept under the rug. More evidence that Egypt's revolution is at best cosmetic. And, no doubt elements within US law enforcement, who have also hitched their own stars to the AIA, to Hawass and their repatriation efforts will also help discourage any US effort to ascertain whether corrupt Egyptian government officials dipped into the millions of dollars the US taxpayer has spent on Egyptian archaeology.

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Wayne G. Sayles said...

Dear Roger Pearse;

Unless I have completely misunderstood your words, you admit that Egypt is overflowing with corruption and that Zahi Hawass is no doubt a part of that -- but we should embrace his return because he is a flamboyant and enthusiastic showman? Did I forget to say egocentric? How can Zahi Hawass be good for Egyptology when he advocates total retentionism and control over scholarship. You must be part of a very small minority who welcome his return. Fortunately, Egyptology will outlive those who prey on it for their own enrichment and Zahi Hawass, like all of us, will one day become dust. I doubt there will be any pyramid erected in his honor.