Friday, April 1, 2011

Return that Loot!

Egyptology Today ( reports that world famous archaeologist Zani Hanass has turned down a reappointment to the post of Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities in order to host a new reality television show on the Discoverme Channel called, “Return that Loot!”

World Famous Archaeologist to Host “Return that Loot!”
Hollywood, California, April 1, 2011

World famous archaeologist Zani Hanass announced today that he has turned down reappointment as Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities, and instead will host a new reality television show on the Discoverme Channel called, “Return that Loot!” Each week Hanass will visit a different museum to tell the story about how an artifact was acquired for the collection. He will then poll an audience made up of archaeologists as to whether or not the artifact should be repatriated to its country of origin. To add both interest and authenticity to the show, guest stars dressed in period costume will assist Hanass with the polling and help tell the stories of each artifact. Hanass and Discoverme have declined to name who will appear on the program, but Egyptology Today has confirmed that one of the stars of Syfi’s “Stargrate” will be featured in the first episode.

“I’ve had my fill of those vipers in Egyptian politics,” said Hanass. He continued, “I’m already a world famous archaeologist, and now it’s time for me to become a world famous television personality.” Asked to comment, Gill Barmore, a spokesman for the archaeological advocacy group “Saving Antiquities from Everyone” was ecstatic. “Zani has promised us that SAFRE members will always be welcome in the audience for his new show. We’re already planning a road trip to Hollywood to see Zani take down his first museum. We hope he will soon expand his sights to individual collectors—though we realize he better be careful, one never knows which Hollywood mogul might have a XXIst Dynasty Sarcophagus in his living room,” said Barmore.

“Return that Loot!” is scheduled to begin production next month. The first episode will be aired on Discoverme on April 1, 1212.


Mark Lehman said...

Good one Peter! - I was halfway through Dave Welsh's link-posting summary on Unidroit-L before I realized what your dateline was. In fact, the story is so completely plausible that I was even possessed of a willing suspense of disbelief - to the point of attributing the abberant spelling merely to the typical illiteracy of the press and its all-too-common tendency towards misspelling the growing body of words and names which seem, somehow, to be seen as "unfamiliar".
You have provided a few much-needed grins in the grim face of the present situation; for which I thank you!

Gremlinsrus said...

Do you mean Zahi Hawass? Never heard the variation of Zani Hanass if that is the case..