Tuesday, May 10, 2011

James Cuno to Getty

The LA Times reports that James Cuno has been named as the President and CEO of the Getty Trust. See

Cuno, a seasoned museum professional, has criticised the cultural nationalism of source countries and their allies in the archaeological community in a series of lectures, articles and books. In return, archaeologists have criticised Cuno, alleging his views are neo-imperialist in nature.

When queried about the issue by the LA Times, Cuno was philosophical:

In terms of my criticism of cultural property laws, I think reasonable people can disagree on these matters, and I very much look forward to engaging in conversations with colleagues around the world. I think we are all seeking the same thing: to preserve the objects of antiquity and broaden public and scholarly access to them.

Though no change is expected in the Getty's stringent acquisition policies, Cuno's appointment may suggest a new determination to get tough with Italy, whose demands for repatriation have seemingly escalated despite the Getty's efforts to seek accomodation.

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