Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome Statement

CPAC's new chair, Professor Patty Gerstenblith, has made the following statement in an interview to "DePaul Newsline Online."

"As chair, I feel my primary obligation is to see the law under which CPAC operates is followed,” said Gerstenblith. “I want to see that all perspectives are heard and to feel that they each have been given a fair hearing. I want to see that the CPAC process is carried out legally, fairly and efficiently.”

See http://newsline.depaul.edu/Pages/Gerstenblith.aspx

Unfortunately, perceptions about CPAC's worth as an advisory committee (as opposed to rubber stamp to be ignored when its recommendations don't mesh with State's apparent desire to impose the broadest restrictions possible) are quite low in the collector, dealer, musuem communities.

Under the circumstances, I can only hope Prof. Gerstenblith can have some success in achieving her goal.

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