Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Future of Recording the Past

On October 12, 2011, the American Bar Association International Law Section and its Art and Cultural Heritage Law Committee will sponsor a panel about the law of finds in England and Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the United States for ABA members attending a fall meeting in Dublin:

The Future of Recording the Past in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the United States.

Program Chair and Speaker: Patty Gerstenblith, DePaul University College of Law.

Program Chair and Moderator: Peter K. Tompa, Bailey & Ehrenberg PLLC.


Roger Bland , British Museum.

Stuart Campbell, Treasure Trove Unit, Scottish National Heritage.

Eamonn Kelly, Irish National Heritage.

The panel will bring together these experts to consider the benefits and disadvantages of the systems in each of these countries, the policy goals fostered by each, and the effect the current economic crisis on the implementation of these different systems.

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