Thursday, November 3, 2011

71% of On-Line Comments Against Bulgarian MOU

John Hooker (ACCG) has performed an analysis of the on-line comments about the Bulgarian MOU. Other comments reflecting pro or con positions were also sent via US Mail so they cannot be included in this survey.

In any event, there were 499 relevant comments posted on the website. (A couple of people mistakenly posted their support for the Belize MOU with the Bulgarian comments.) Of these, 353 were opposed the MOU and 146 favored it. This makes for a break-down of 71% opposed and 29% in favor of the MOU.

Most of the comments related to coins. Of these, 342 either opposed the MOU in toto or opposed the inclusion of coins. Thirteen individuals supported their inclusion, including archaeologists who excavate in Bulgaria, AIA staff and David Gill and Paul Barford, archaeo-bloggers well known for their hostility to ancient coin collecting.

These percentages again point to the very slim support for import restrictions, particularly when they may possibly include new restrictions on coins.

The figures mirror the public comments recently recorded on the website for the Greek MOU. There, some 71% opposed the MOU either totally or provisionally if it included coins, with 28% in favor. See

Based on these numbers it should become increasingly clear that MOU's are special interest programs for archaeologists that have very, very little actual public support.

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