Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Shipment to the USA

The practical impact of import restrictions should be made crystal clear with these words, "No Shipment to the USA."

This German dealer will no longer ship this Syracusian Tetradrachm to the USA, presumably because of import restrictions on "coins of Italian type." See

There is no indication this coin is a "fresh find." Indeed, given its toning, this coin has likely been in a collection for years. Yet, since the dealer has not identified this coin as being pictured in an auction catalogue or price list dating from before the restrictions, the dealer cannot ship it to the USA lest it be seized by US Customs and returned to its presumptive supposed find spot, the modern day Republic of Italy. (Though US Customs is supposed to accept certifications that such coins were out of the country before the date of restrictions, even where this information is available, Customs has been known to reject them absent auction catalogue citations.)

Yet, the same coin can be shipped to collectors ANYWHERE else in the world, including within Italy. How then do the restrictions comply with the CPIA's "concerted international response requirement" that was meant to the ensure the comity and effectiveness of import restrictions and also thus preclude any such discrimination against American collectors?

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D.F Grotjohann said...

Provenance for this coin:

Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG
> Auction 193
Auction date: 26 September 2011
Lot number: 76



AR-Tetradrachme, nach 480 v. Chr.; 17,41 g. Quadriga r., Nike bekränzt Pferde//Arethusakopf r., von vier Delphinen umgeben. Boehringer 224.

Sehr schön/fast sehr schön

Since this coin where purchased after the 19th of january 2011, at an Künker Sale, without an old "Provenance" i am forced to follow up with the Federal register or the so called "MOU´s"

I can confirm that IM the LEGAL owner of this coin, since i bought it at an official sale at Künker on September 26th 2011, BUT i cant shipt it to the US because of theese "non sence Import Restrictions"

It is very SAD that the Congress of the US is aproving theese silly Embargos-Deals with Italy and Greece..and soon Bulgaria..

Ancient coins where Struck in designated Mints along the mediterranean and they DID circulate. So how can a country like TODAYS GREECE or ITALY prove that THEY are the legal owner if the coin was struck in an Italian or Greek mint BUT found in Spain or Turkey, or Egypt or Syria or Bulgaria, or Tunesia or Afghanistan or, Libya and so on and so on...

Who is the owner?? Its just ridiculous.

I Think theese countries could solve this problem by using the Bavrian or British example: Hadrian's division

With Hadrian's division the finder and the landowner are entitled to SHARE the the findings BUT the Museum has the right to purchase the items before anyone else. This way people would be encouraged to REPORT ANY FINDINGS to the museums or the authority in charge and illegal findings would soon no longer be a problem. But unfortunatly most people behind the MOUS/Embargos doesnt have a clue of what they are doing and they are damaging this wonderful market very much. It seems that they doesnt understand the importance of private collectors and dealers publishing books and their collection which has access to the geneal public arround the world. It is just sad.

Best regards.

D.F Grotjohann