Sunday, February 19, 2012

Respected Greek Newspaper Suggests New Approaches Needed

While archaeologists remain in denial and even hostile to any suggestion that there must be a rethink of the status quo, here is what the Telegraph has reported about what a respected Greek paper has said about the situation:

With Greek morale at rock bottom, the national mood darkened yet further after armed thieves looted a museum on Friday in Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games, and stole bronze and pottery artefacts - just weeks after the country's National Gallery was burgled.

One Greek newspaper suggested the state could no longer properly look after the nation's immense cultural heritage. "The Greek state has gone bankrupt, let's face it," the conservative daily Kathimerini said in an editorial.

"If the state cannot guard the country's great cultural heritage for financial or other reasons it must find other ways to do it."


When are we going to hear ideas from the archaeological community other than more bail outs of the bankrupt cultural establishment in Greece and more clamp downs on collectors, dealers and museums?

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