Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mischief Making

I’ve always thought of Dorothy King (PhDiva) as a friend even though on occasion we have disagreed on various issues related to cultural patrimony. In that regard, I sent Dr. King an email about her recent critique of my comment on the Morris Khouli case where I provided her some further information about my thinking.  My email to her did not discuss her recent post about coins from Turkey.

I was surprised to receive this response to a short reply I made to her, and even more surprised to see her then suggest she is being harassed by attorneys representing the ACCG (see

Dear Mr Tompa,

Since I have received a formal legal letter from Arthur Brand, representing the ACCG, I request that neither you nor anyone else from the ACCG contact me until my US attorney has been able to resolve the issues claimed.

I have already requested that all correspondence go through him, will be furious if this basic request cannot be honoured, and will consider it an attempt at harassment.

Without prejudice,

D. King

Let’s be clear. No “Arthur Brand” represents the ACCG. There is, however, an “Arthur Brand” who is known to be a confederate of Michael VanRijn, and a critic of the numismatic trade. I have emailed Dr. King to inform her of her mistaken impression, but have received no response. I reluctantly, therefore, post this notice here as I believe any suggestion that ACCG or its attorneys are“harassing” her to be quite unfortunate and unfair.

Addendum  4-22-12:  Now, Dr. King states on her blog that she was mistaken and an "Arthur Brandt" and not an "Arthur Brand" contacted her.  Again, no such individual represents the ACCG, and I am not acquainted with anyone by that name. I will comment no further on this matter on this blog, other than to note I find Dr. King's recent statements to be inexplicable, and potentially defamatory.  In addition, I have received a communication from Arthur Brand denying any knowledge of this matter.

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Voz Earl said...

Arthur Brand? Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while.

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