Monday, June 25, 2012

Egypt Elects Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Morsi as President

The Egyptian people have spoken. In so doing, they have rejected the old guard, and instead have embraced a sectarian candidate. Some of his rhetoric has been troubling, but it is unclear if his Muslim Brotherhood intends to rule Egypt as Ahmadinezhād’s Iran or Erdogan’s Turkey.

And what will the transition hold for Egyptian antiquities? The rejection of the old guard is probably bad news for Zahi Hawass, who presumably still faces corruption charges. But it also remains to be seen if government funding for Egypt’s antiquities will be maintained (it should) or whether the cultural bureaucracy will be allowed to maintain its absolute control over everything and anything old (it shouldn’t.).

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Unknown said...

The question regarding Muslim Brotherhood and whether they intend to rule Egypt as Ahmadinezhād’s Iran or Erdogan’s Turkey is of the same stupid nature that since nearly always bleu eyed western intelectuals tend to preocupy oneselves and all western people minds. It is simply trying to cover up the ridiculous but finally inevitable reality of the predominence of a criminal (Muslim) "culture" over the democratic (self-destructive) culture of the West. In some way it is of the same nature as that regarding today's escalation of the Neo-Greek's hyporisy, as if any of those who live and have taken part in this "western" country's (Greece's) public affairs during the last 40 years were capable to rule the chaos that they have created over there and, even more, to give lessons about how the EU and the world should be governed!...