Monday, August 6, 2012

Minerva Provides Open Access

The AIA claims it acts in the public interest and antiquities dealers are only interested in profit.  If so, how is it that Minerva, a commercial journal run by an antiquities dealer, has allowed open access to past issues, but the AIA continues to oppose open access, even for research material paid for by taxpayer dollars?

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kyri said...

hi peter,the owner of minerva is christian levette,an antiquities collector,not dealer.he bought minerva from dr.jerome eisenberg about two years ago.he also owns the mougins museum in france.for me mr levette is the model collector of the 21st cen.not only has he put his private antiquities collection on display for the world to see but also allows scholars to study the pieces,now he has also provided free copys of minerva,which is a great resource for anyone intrested in ancient history and archaeology,not just collecting.