Monday, November 25, 2013

UN conference highlights plight of Jewish refugees, fate of Iraqi Jewish Archive

Despite the hopes of the US State Department and its Cultural Heritage Center, the question of the fate of the Iraqi-Jewish Archive just won't go away.  Meanwhile, over in the archaeological blogosphere, even erstwhile allies beg to differ with the most extreme of repatriationist views.


Paul Barford said...

The difference between sheep, sock puppets and thinking people is that among the latter well-reasoned variant views are acceptable. I do not agree with what David Knell and Dorothy King wrote on my blog, but they are welcome to give their opinions there, and I'm sure they do not mind me replying there that I fail to be convinced by their arguments. That is what we call "heritage debate" and reflection. You should try it some time.

Cultural Property Observer said...

The problem of course is that you only want to "debate" with those who agree with you broadly, everyone else gets quite different treatment on your blog. Perhaps you should reflect on what you say on your own blog more, hopefully before you actually push the post button.