Thursday, March 6, 2014

AIA to Collectors: You Don't Count!

Laetitia La Follette's recent comment in the Art Newspaper is not only a remarkable admission that import restrictions associated with MOUs don't work.  It also reveals the academic snobbery that lurks beneath all the self-righteous calls for import restrictions.  

As far as Ms. La Follette and the AIA are concerned, only the interests of "art historians, archaeologists, anthropologists and museum professionals" count.  And what of the collectors and their view that MOUs should not be used to justify clamp downs on collecting commonplace items like historical coins that are widely and legally available abroad?   They may dominate public comment to CPAC, but their interests don't even merit any mention.  

More evidence, it any were needed, that MOUs are little more than special interest programs for connected academic insiders. 

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