Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Return of the Pharaoh?

Zahi Hawass has been cleared of all corruption charges in Egypt, and just before CPAC's meeting on the Egyptian MOU where the "unclean hands" of Egypt's cultural establishment should be an issue.  How "convenient."  Of course, justice seems to be an "elastic" concept within Egypt, where guilt or innocence has as much to do with who is in power as anything else.  And, presumably Egypt's generals like how Hawass has "projected Egyptian power" in the past.  So, how long before he returns as Egypt's antiquities Pharaoh?


John Hooker FSA said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Peter:



Cultural Property Observer said...

Thanks John, if the Egyptians get restrictions on ancient coins, lets hope they are limited to the "coins" of Joseph:

John Hooker FSA said...

Thanks Peter,

particularly like:

"Dr. Sa'id Thabet called on Egypt's Antiquities Council and on the Minister of Culture to intensify efforts in the fields of Ancient Egyptian history and archeology, and to [promote] the research of these coins that bear the name of Egyptian pharaohs and gods. This, he said, would enable the correction of prevalent misconceptions regarding the history of Ancient Egypt."

in the news report -- Real Erich von Däniken stuff!

Too bad the image is missing.

Sometimes, things are just to funny to be parodied.