Thursday, July 3, 2014

One Set of Facts for CPAC and Another for Academic Conferences?

Now, CPO has seen everything.  Just a month after a junior academic with an ax to grind against collectors claimed that a well-known numismatic author and collector's rights advocate was being "duplicitous" for explaining to the US Cultural Property Advisory Committee that ancient coins typically circulated far from where they were made, the same archaeo-blogger and import restrictions proponent that made the charge is speaking at a conference about the circulation of "currencies between cultures."  All this begs the question whether the proponents of import restrictions are providing honest appraisals of accepted numismatic facts to government decision makers.  Advocacy should only go so far.  Certainly, the facts should not change based on the audience.

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John H said...

You'll never find the words,'archaeologist' and 'fair play' or, ethically, 'kosher' in the same sentence.

They are all 'at it' -- collecting and stashing away collectibles like they are going out of fashion. Some are even into antique Japanese prints. They are really extracting the urine!