Sunday, July 12, 2015

More artifacts repatriated to a war zone

The Assad regime is reporting that neighboring countries have repatriated some 65,000 artifacts to the Syrian government.  It's unclear if the items were looted by ISIS, Assad, the Free Syrian Army or confiscated from hapless refugees.  What is clear is that by repatriating them to war-torn Syria they are again being put in danger.

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John H said...

There is absolutely no doubt at all that these artefacts are in real danger when returned to a war zone, but, as they are Syrian, the Assad regime has the absolute right - good or bad - to do with them as they wish. But anyone with their heads screwed on can see the folly of such irresponsible thinking.

However, one would imagine that even the gobbier, empty-headed wing of archeo-blogging arse-dom, along with their even dimmer archaeological counterparts and that ad hoc band of amateurs who don't know which way is up, yet who all claim to be concerned about the protection of artefacts from the cradle of civilisation, would stand shoulder-to-shoulder and scream at the Syrian government to get this stuff to a safer place. But no! Sadly the silence deafens.

It all proves conclusively that the common heritage must not, and never be, left in the hands of people who frankly evidently don't give a tinkers' cuss for the survival of artefacts so long as they don't fall into the tender care of collectors? It's utterly appalling, and archaeology ought to hang its collective head in shame. They are unfit for purpose.

What a crying shame archaeo-politicos rule, and not common sense.

Best wishes

John Howland