Friday, April 1, 2016

American Archaeologists Recognize President Putin as Savior of Syria’s Antiquities

CPO republishes this item from "Patriotic Russia Today" and leaves its readers to draw their own conclusions:

American Archaeologists Recognize President Putin as Savior of Syria's Antiquities

Patriotic Russia Today

Washington, D.C.

April 1, 2016

An American archaeological group, Saving Antiquities from Everyone (“SAFrE”), has awarded President Putin its first ever “Savior of Culture and Context” Award in recognition of Russia’s role in liberating the World Heritage Site of Palmyra from the grips of DAESH terrorists.  SAFrE President Gill Barmore explained the award was overdue.  “President Putin has long been a strong supporter of archaeology.   SAFrE members well remember his scientific excavation of Greek urns during a scuba dive in the Black Sea.  Now, Russia’s president has done far more for archaeology and mankind.  Due to the mighty Russian air power he unleashed, Syrian government forces have been able to rout DAESH terrorists from the Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Hopefully, archaeologists will soon return now that Palmyra is once again under the tender loving care of President Assad and the Syrian military.”

The award ceremony is planned for October 8th, the anniversary of Russia’s longstanding Treaty of Friendship with Syria and the Assad family, at Russia’s Embassy in Washington DC.  The event will not only honor Mother Russia and its President, but also will offer a much needed "shot in the arm" to Syrian archaeology.  Patriotic Russia Today has learned that another American archaeological group, The Context Coalition, also plans to use the gathering to announce a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Syria and the Assad family.  The MOU will be patterned on one the group already negotiated with Egypt and its President, General Sissi.  The Context Coalition MOU with Syria will not only pledge its support for the recovery of all artifacts made by Syrian ancestors over the millennia, but will help foster economic development.  Indeed, the MOU is said to include promises of financing courtesy of Context Coalition partner Geldman Sax for a new hotel complex on the grounds of the Temple of Bel which was destroyed by DAESH terrorists.   Loyal Assad friends in the Iranian construction industry have already been selected to build the facility which is meant to house tourists who will be again visiting the site soon.  In return, the Assads are said to promise to ensure continued access for American archaeologists to sites in Syria despite the ongoing hostility in hard-line U.S. Government circles with anti-Russian and anti-Syrian views. 

But the event won’t be all business.   Guests will include several well-known Hollywood entertainers, but all eyes will be on Russian Air Force Captain Balislava, the fighter pilot with supermodel looks who helped carpet bomb DAESH terrorists into submission.  And will President Putin himself make an appearance?   Russian Presidential sources say that will depend on the international situation at the time and whether the cause of world peace and justice will require the President's attention elsewhere.   

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