Monday, July 31, 2017

Congressional Appropriators Hold State Department, CPAC and Source Countries Accountable

The House of Representatives has used the appropriations process to highlight the need for the State Department and the Cultural Property Advisory Committee to hold countries with MOUs with the United States accountable for spending adequate sums to protect their own cultural patrimony as a precondition for receiving continued US assistance.  For more, see here.  It's long past time for such a message to be sent.  If source countries are poor stewards for what they already have, why repatriate more objects under the misapprehension they will be properly studied, preserved and displayed?

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John H said...

Hello Peter:

Great news indeed.

Let's hope this is the first bore hole in the drilling into the layers of lies and deceit to expose the rampant corruption in some source countries. Much of this dishonesty must surely have been identified by some of the major players cossetted in higher echelons of archaeology? Someone, somewhere, I feel sure, has gotten very rich thanks to unsuspecting US taxpayers.

I further hope the State Department eventually name those involved and take the appropriate action.


John Howland
UK Collector & Detectorist