Friday, September 22, 2017

Just What One would Expect from a Military Dictatorship That Respects Neither Private Property Rights Nor Human Rights

Egyptian government officials have attacked an edict of a religious scholar approving of landowners keeping treasure found on their own land as long as part is given to charity.  Meanwhile, a member of the country's parliament seeks the death penalty for anyone caught with illicit antiquities.  Just what one would expect in a military dictatorship with a rump parliament that respects neither private property rights nor human rights.

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John H said...

Hello Peter:

Blimey! That's a bit strong innit?

Still, look at the upside; it'll weed-out the rogues in Egyptian archaeology. Indeed, you've only to plant an antiquity on a rival or dissident for the inevitable result were you so minded: Not that I'm suggesting Egyptian officials or the secret police would stoop to such things. Ahem!


John Howland
UK Collector & Detectorist