Tuesday, June 4, 2024

CPAC Meeting to Discuss Renewals of MOUs with Ecuador and Jordan and new request from Ukraine: 4 Points for 4 Minutes

 Here is what I said at today's CPAC meeting:

Thank you for this opportunity to speak on behalf of IAPN and the micro businesses of the numismatic trade.   I would like to make these 4 points in my 4 minutes allotted.

1.     For most of their histories, Ecuador, Jordan, and Ukraine were parts of larger political entities.  IAPN uploaded historical maps of Ukraine into the record to drive home that point.  Political geography helps explain why coins that circulated within what is today each country also circulated regionally or even internationally.   One simply cannot assume that coins found in each of these countries are only found there, a key requirement of the CPIA.  CPAC must avoid blessing overbroad designated lists that do not comply with CPIA requirements.  Fact based decision-making must prevail.


2.     CPAC  must consider the realities on the ground. There are open markets for coins within both Jordan and Ukraine.  In Jordan, this market exists both at the Petra archaeological site and in Amman, the nation’s capital.  In Ukraine, there is a sophisticated auction website selling coins.  Given these realities, assisting Jordan and Ukraine to create a workable web-based system of providing export certificates for common items like coins as contemplated both by the CPIA and UNESCO Convention is essential.


3.     Another reality on the ground is the use of metal detectors.  In Ukraine, such metal detectors are openly available for sale.  The best way to deal with metal detectors is to help Jordan and Ukraine create a working Portable Antiquities Scheme that will encourage finders to report their finds. 


4.      Congressional appropriators have highlighted the importance of the CPIA’s reporting requirements, particularly the Congressional mandate that “less drastic measures” have been considered before import restrictions are imposed.   The creation of workable system of export certificates and a portable antiquities scheme as well enforcing restrictions solely prospectively and not as embargoes are just such “less drastic measures” as Congress contemplated.   IAPN urges CPAC and the State Department to heed these requirements.  Congress as well as collectors are looking over your shoulders. 

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