Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Changes on CPAC - New Chairman and New Members

President Bush has named two new CPAC members. In addition, Katharine Lee Reid, a current member representing the interests of museums, has replaced Jay Kislak as Chairman. For my prior post, see:

The White House Personnel Announcement can be found here:

In pertinent part, it states:

The President intends to designate the following individual:
Katharine Lee Reid, of North Carolina, to be Chairman of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee.
The President intends to appoint the following individuals to be Members of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee, for the remainder of three-year terms expiring 04/25/11:
Eileen Johnson, of Texas, (Anthropology) Robert C. O'Brien, of California, (Public) James Wright Willis, of California, (International Sales Expert)

James Willis was reappointed. The other two individuals are new appointments. Robert C. O'Brien is a lawyer from the well-known firm of Arent Fox LLP. The firm has announced his appointment here: From an Internet search, Eileen Johnson appears to be associated with Texas Tech. I suspect O'Brien may be replacing Marta de la Torre and Johnson may be replacing Nancy Wilkie, but I am not 100% sure.

Overall, assuming Mr. O'Brien has no agenda, I think CPAC will benefit from having a lawyer on the panel. There are major procedural concerns relating to how the State Department processes requests for import restrictions. Hopefully, a trained lawyer will help ensure that State Department staff adheres to the letter of the law in bringing such requests before CPAC.

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