Friday, September 5, 2008

Nicholas Burns Appointed to Kennedy School Post

Nicholas Burns, an apparent "author" of the controversial decision to impose import restrictions on coins of Cypriot type, has been appointed to the Harvard Kennedy School Faculty. See:

Hopefully, one of his students will ask more about the decision. Even better, perhaps someone will do a paper on whether or not the decision was made in conformity with the dictates of the Convention on Cultural Property Implementation Act. For more, see: and and


Cultural Property Observer said...

In another somewhat odd coincidence, the "Justice for Cyprus" web site touts an initiative between the Cypriot Government and Harvard University. See: Other posts in this blog raise questions whether "Justice for Cyprus" lobbied Nicholas Burns with respect to the import restrictions on coins of Cypriot type.

Cultural Property Observer said...

Politico also reports that Burns has taken on an additional job with Edelman Public Relations: