Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ABA Panel Discussion on Protecting Cultural Property in Wartime

On November 3, 2010, the ABA's Art and Cultural Heritage law section will sponsor a panel discussion on protecting cultural property in the event of armed conflict at the ABA's International Law Section Fall Meeting in Paris.

Panel members include Irina Bokova (invited) , UNESCO's chief, Karl von Hapsburg of the Blue Shield, Hays Parks of the US Department of Defense (invited) and Jiri Toman from Santa Clara University.

Patty Gerstenblith of DePaul University will serve as panel chair.

Interestingly, Karl von Hapsburg is also the grandson of his namesake Karl, the last Austro-Hungarian Emperor, who is on track to become a Saint of the Roman Catholic Church. Karl, like his father, Otto, has been very prominent in EU affairs. Otto gave up his claims to the crown in 1961 so that he could return to his native Austria. See http://www.antiquesatoz.com/habsburg/habsburg-family.htm and http://www.insidethevatican.com/articles/otto-von-habsburg.htm#G1277239881828

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