Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CPAC Hearings on Nicaragua and Bolivia

Today's Federal Register indicates CPAC will hold a public meeting to consider whether the current MOU with Nicaragua will be extended. See and CPAC will also conduct a closed interim review of the MOU with Bolivia during the same meeting.

The notice also indicates that "possible additional restrictions on certain ethnological material" will be considered in the context of the Nicaraguan renewal, but provides no further detail.

This is actually an improvement over prior practice. Just in May, coin collectors and representatives of the numismatic trade appeared in force at a CPAC meeting on Italy because they were unsure whether new restrictions on coins would be considered in the context of that renewal hearing. Whether Italy has actually formally requested new import restrictions on coins remains a mystery.

In 2007, the first public notice of Cyprus' request to extend import restrictions to coins in the context of a renewal came at the public session of CPAC itself.

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