Friday, May 25, 2012

Closed "Open Access" Debate?

One of the archaeologists that has taken the AIA to task on its "Open Access" Position apparently feels free to edit my comments to his blog here:

I'll let the reader judge whether his own attempt to steer the debate about "open access" away from its broader implications is warranted or not.  Here is my comment in its entirety:

This actually appears to be a bit of a childish response to this press release. You admit the content is largely accurate; what you disagree with seems to be the fact that an advocacy group with a different perspective than your own has used the Open Access website for its own purposes-- welcome to the Internet! If you want, I can point out to you several archaeological blogs that regularly do the same thing. And why not? Your group put this statement out on the web for all to see. To change the link to change the message may have some "gotcha" appeal to people who agree with you, but it does also suggest that you think only fellow archaeologists have the right to criticize AIA policies.

As to what this has to do with import restrictions point, see my blog here: Basically, it is fair to point out that the AIA has suggested in public meetings before the State Department’s Cultural Property Advisory Committee that import restrictions are necessary to promote numismatic research which then can be shared with the public.

Incidentally, it is the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild, not the American Coin Collectors Guild as you state. (Though, of course, you are correct to point out the error related to the AIA.).


Peter Tompa, ACCG Board Member


Voz Earl said...

Having now read the original post I must agree with your assessment: It was indeed a childish response. Playing games with links in no way equates to 'having a conversation' by any reasonable definition. It frankly makes it hard to take the man or his cause seriously at all. If he disagrees with the ACCG, why not simply write a blog post stating the fact?

Voz Earl

Anonymous said...

By all means you may re-post as long as you follow my posting rules and refrain from attacking language and simply state why you disagree :)

Cultural Property Observer said...

Thank you for the offer, but I believe my comment was entirely appropriate given your own post and your own playing games with links to the Open Access website. Having said that, I'm happy you are engaging with Wayne and Alfredo, though frankly based on prior experience, I doubt it will go anywhere positive.


Peter Tompa