Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Nice Diversion?

The recently announced MOU with the United States will do absolutely nothing to cure endemic corruption within Bulgaria's cultural establishment and the concomitant over-regulation of collectors that is the root of Bulgaria's problems, but it may provide at least a momentary diversion from allegations of well, corruption at the highest levels of Bulgaria's Socialist Government.


Paul Barford said...

This too is a Peter Tompa joke, right?

Cultural Property Observer said...

You hear a lot at CPAC hearings from archaeologists about criminal gangs being behind looting. Here, according to the Center for Democracy report the cops are the criminal gangs in Bulgaria. And unfortunately corruption seems to likely start at the top.

John Hooker FSA said...

Bulgarian corruption is well-known:

Perhaps less known is the Bulgarian archaeologists attempts to eliminate anything from their history which does not fit their nationalist agenda:

(Brendan Mac Congail is a freelance archaeologist in Bulgaria who had worked for four years at the Bulgarian Academy of Science until just last year)