Thursday, November 6, 2014

Repression Comes to Egypt--So, Why Reward the Military Dictatorship with Import Restrictions Now?

The AIA and the rest of the archaeological lobby have moved on from advocating for "emergency import restrictions" on behalf of the Egypt.   And not a moment too soon judged by the bad press Egypt's military dictatorship has been getting-- assuming you can find it all given all the headlines about ISIS and Syria.

The renewed repression begs the question-- why should the US reward the Egyptian military dictatorship with import restrictions now?

Certainly, as the generals have reasserted their authority, reports of looting have disappeared from the papers entirely.  So, is the only point to provide our own State Department's "seal of approval" not only on the dictatorship's control of its own people but over the ancient past as well?

And, if so, aren't we again just helping to create the exact same conditions that virtually guarantee more of Egypt's past will be destroyed in the next explosion of popular anger directed against the government?

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