Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Assad Regime, Archaeological Lobby and UNESCO singing the same "Repatriate to Assad Now" Tune?

So it would seem from this opinion piece from Franklin Lamb, an unapologetic supporter of Hezbollah and the Assad regime.  While Lamb also claims that AAMD is on board as well, CPO has serious doubts that really is the case based on recent submissions to CPAC which suggest that the well being of artifacts takes precedence over repatriation.

And leaving repatriationist ideology aside, can anyone seriously claim that repatriated artifacts would be "better off" in a Syria beset by civil war let alone handed back to the very regime whose military was likely involved in looting at Apamea and Palmyra and whose forces have certainly bombed and shelled other sites of cultural significance into dust?

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John H said...

Mr Tompa....cut the guy some slack, eh? He seems disparate to make a Buck or two (which is probably what he'll get in royalties).

He's trying to push what looks like an apologist tome. I don't envisage mounted police at the book signing to keep the crowds back...it will sink without trace.

Assad regime, archaeo-bloggers, and UNESCO, deserve one another...even UNESCO is not corruption free.

All are sinking inevitably into the sewer.

Best wishes

John Howland