Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Outgoing Obama Administration Gifts Egypt and Archaeological Lobby with a MOU

The outgoing Obama Administration has gifted Egypt's authoritarian government, its cultural bureaucracy and supportive archaeologists with a MOU that will likely ban import of undocumented Egyptian antiquities created before 1517.

In so doing, the Administration has ignored 91% of the public comment to CPAC which raised serious concerns with any MOU.  Moreover, the decision once again raises the question whether there was any "done deal" from the outset.

Implementing regulations are expected soon.

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John H said...

Hi Peter:

Change is coming. You know it; I know it, and that shyster in Warsaw and his bag-carriers are having sleepless nights about it. Right (as in proper) ALWAYS wins. Many have had a enough of 'experts' and the Leftist Liberal elite; the ones who want the plebs to do the 12-hr shifts down the mines while they discuss poetry. You follow my drift?


John Howland

PS. That pic of you on THAT site makes you look very regal.