Thursday, October 22, 2020

Trump Administration Finally Tilts CPAC Away from Archaeology Over All Perspective

 Very late in his first (and if polls are to be believed perhaps his only) term, President Trump has finally tilted CPAC away from an archaeology over all perspective. Before he left office,  President Obama loaded up CPAC with archaeological supporters in slots supposedly representing the interests of the the public, museums, and even the trade.  Now, slots for the public and trade  have been filled with Trump supporters who appear to come from business friendly backgrounds.  Coincidentally or not, three (3) Obama appointees who recently either resigned or were removed left CPAC around the same time a coalition of ten (10) advocacy and trade groups wrote the State Department to express serious concerns about the extremist views found on CPAC.  That letter provided as an example the statement of one of those individuals, now departed from CPAC, who told coin collectors testifying before CPAC that as far as he was concerned, they should take up another hobby.  These became his "famous last words." 

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