Friday, December 4, 2015

ISIS Funding Narrative Begins Unraveling in Mainstream Media

The New Yorker has rightly questioned whether looted antiquities are really an important funding source for ISIS as our State Department and the archaeological lobby have claimed.  Hopefully, other mainstream media will follow.


John H said...

Hi Peter:

At last! Someone with the balls to question the 'academics'. ISIS get its money from what is termed 'hot oil' and that's why the UK's Royal Air Force is now bombing ISIS oil wells to oblivion.

Were this not the case one suspects that the US and UK would be bombing the crap out of heritage sites, but ISIS has already done this. I expect any time soon to see the names of those in academe who proliferated the stolen collectables nonsense in the public domain, followed by a series of academic post becoming vacant. Ha Ha!

Best wishes

John Howland

Unknown said...

I like your comment Mr Howland. My feelings exactly. Ben Ward, Yeovil, England, MA (Archaeology), of Gray's Inn, Barrister