Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Israel Requires On-Line Inventories

After losing a court challenge, Israeli antiquities dealers will be required to establish on-line inventories that will allow Israeli authorities to better track purchases, sales and exports.

In theory at least, this sounds reasonable, but CPO wonders whether the process will be a nightmare in practice, particularly for small, inexpensive items like oil lamps and coins.

And if this is such a great idea, why not require archaeologists and museums operating in Israel to establish on-line inventories as well?  Such on-line inventories would help deter insider theft and perhaps provide information that will be helpful to scholars.


Cultural Property Observer said...

Here is some information from a source knowledgeable with the Israeli coin and antiquities market:

--bronze coins will be photographed and registered in lots of 100 or so.

--silver coins, gold coins, and objects are all to be photographed and registered as single items.

--it is possible but by no means certain that certain cheap objects such as oil lamps may be also registered in groups.

Archaeological excavations are already required to register items. Each item is numbered and photographed and each excavation in Israel has a registrar who is responsible for the correct paperwork.

The ancient objects in the Israel Museum are all registered and mostly photographed (in process), but the source is unclear about the laws regarding other museums.

John H said...

Hi Peter:

You write that - :"Cultural Heritage Lawyer" Rick St. Hilaire and "Red Arch" Cultural Heritage Law Policy Research" have heavily promoted this idea on St. Hilaire's blog."

So, why not let [Red?] Rick have the rope he needs to hang himself along with his dotty cronies? There will be egg over the chops of many in Government when it finally emerges they've been well screwed by following Red Rick's BS - high quality BS it must be said - but nevertheless, still BS.

Then you can strike cobra-like. Rick's doing the job for us!!!!! One has only to look at the cerebrally unencumbered 'Richard-heads' who sup from his trough of Lefty gruel.

Right always wins.


John Howland