Monday, March 13, 2017

Antiquities Coalition Chief of Staff: "Dealers Don't Have Civil Rights!"


Katie A. Paul‏


Katie A. Paul Retweeted Peter Tompa

What a shameful accusation to compare the plight of antiquities dealers to those fighting for civil rights. Dealers don't have civil rights!

Katie A. Paul added,
Peter Tompa @Aurelius161180
@AnthroPaulicy No, stance this is a drop in the bucket and does not justify efforts to undercut collectors' and dealers civil rights.

No wonder why the Antiquities Coalition apparently thinks the burden of proof should be shifted away from the government and onto collectors and dealers to prove their collections are "licit" under obscure foreign laws, many of which are the products of dictatorships like that of Egypt.


HP said...

This is probably news to many dealers.

John H said...

A shameful situation indeed!

It's heartening that Ms Paul has identified a dispossessed section of the community - antiquities dealers - who she now acknowledges have no civil rights at all; an appalling situation in modern America. I look forward to the good lady pitching-in to reverse the dreadful situation she has courageously identified.