Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Destruction of Mosul Artifacts Further Undercuts Archaeological Lobby's Narrative

Confirmation that ISIS appears to have destroyed the contents of the Mosul Museum should be a cause for sadness rather than an excuse for yet another sound bite condemning the purchase of "blood antiquities."  If anything, the destruction of portable antiquities like cuneiform tablets contradicts the archaeological lobby's narrative that ISIS loots rather than destroys for ideological reasons.

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John H said...

Hi Peter:

The hoary argument that ISIS supplies honourable and ethical collectors with 'under the counter' deals is becoming ever threadbare.

Why one wonders do these pedlars of terminological inexactitudes - whose self-proclaimed stock-in-trade is the kind of reportage accuracy they loudly condemn dealers of lacking - not make a nod to precision but rely on the Herr Geobbels type of propaganda increasingly, mercifully, and inexorably, being exposed as such? There is only one answer I suggest; ethical bankruptcy by the ethically bankrupt.

The noise one hears in the background, is their scraping the barrel of scatology for manure to sling.


John Howland