Saturday, October 17, 2009

PR Newswire Release about ACCG Auction

The ACCG has issued a press release about its annual benefit auction. See

Most of the ACCG's efforts are performed on a volunteer basis, but prosecution of cases before the federal courts will tap into ACCG's funding. The annual auction helps pay for these legal expenses.

ACCG has three law firms assisting it. Scott Hodes, a lawyer with extensive experience in the area, is handling the Freedom of Information Act case brought on behalf of the ACCG, IAPN and PNG against the U.S. State Department. For Mr. Hodes' website, see:

ACCG has also imported coins for purposes of a case to test the current Chinese and Cypriot coin restrictions. That case will be pending in US District Court in Baltimore. My firm, Bailey & Ehrenberg, PLLC, is representing the ACCG in that matter at highly reduced rates. For more about Bailey & Ehrenberg, see In addition, ACCG has also retained the services of Serko Simon Gluck & Kane, LLP, a Customs law firm, to assist in the technical aspects of the case. See That NY Based firm has also offered reduced rates in recognition of the importance of ACCG's efforts to protect the rights of those interested in the legitimate, international exchange of ancient artifacts.

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