Friday, August 5, 2011

Find of Ancient Coins in Devon Leads to Reassessment of Rome's Reach

Here is yet another example of how a hoard reported by amateurs has given a lead to archaeologists that has resulted in a reassessment of local history. See

Archaeological cranks complain that the UK does not give them exclusive rights over the past, but what are the odds archaeologists would have ever found the remains of Roman settlement had they not been alerted by metal detectorists?

The pragmatic genius of the UK's Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme is that it directs public interest in finding ancient coins and other artifacts in a way that benefits everyone.

The proof can be found on the PAS website. See

Can the countries archaeological hard liners look to as models like Italy, Greece and Cyprus report similar results? Of course not.


kyri said...

peter,dont make these metal detectorists out to be some kind of heroes or lovers of history.its all about the hard cash and the dream of a life changing find for most of them.but in saying that,they have been responsible for some very important finds.

Cultural Property Observer said...

How do you know what their individual motivations are? I suspect individual motivations vary, and I'm not sure you should generalize so.