Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Win Some, Lose Some

I suspect the timing of this announcement may not be coincidental, but Odessey Marine has revealed that it has entered into a partnership with the UK Government to salvage two hundred tons of silver from the Gairsoppa, a ship that was sunk by a U-Boat during WW II. See

The WW II era treasure appears to be even larger than one that the 11th Circuit recently ordered to be returned to the Spanish Government because it apparently came from a 19th c. Spanish man of war that Odessey had dubbed the "Black Swan" wreck. See http://shipwreck.net/pr231.php

The WWII wreck is some 3 miles under the sea, which presumably justifies the 80%-20% split Odessey has worked out with the UK Government.

I suspect that archaeologists will find something to criticize about this partnership as well. But, doesn't the age of the wreck, its depth, and money the venture will bring to the UK taxpayer distinguish it from the "Black Swan" wreck and the controversies that surrounded its exploitation?

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