Friday, May 18, 2012

Archaeo-Blogger Advocates Repatriating Jewish Bible to War Torn Syria?

Archaeo-Blogger Paul Barford has sought to bait me with this blog about a new book concerning the Aleppo Codex. See

Barford apparently thinks the Aleppo Codex would have been better off left in Syria, even though the Syrian Government has persecuted Syria’s Jewish culture virtually out of existence, and now Aleppo itself is under threat.

I uploaded this comment in response on his blog, but he has not had the courtesy to post it:

I doubt I will have a chance to read the book, but even if it is true the Codex has suffered somewhat since coming to Israel, that does not establish that it would have been better off in the clutches of the anti-Semitic Baathist regime in Syria, which in case you have not been reading the news, is now involved in a civil war against its own people. (And if memory serves which has specifically targeted Aleppo for retribution).

But this begs the question whether you too believe the test should be "where the artifact is better off." Please elaborate.

If Barford wants to bait someone, he should have the courtesy to allow that person to respond.


Cultural Property Observer said...

I see Paul Barford finally got around to posting my response-- after he wrote seven other blogs and apparently saw this post.

Paul Barford said...

In the sidebar note on comments I explain the delay in approving comments that sometimes occurs.

There is often a substantial delay in my comments getting sent and appearing on your blog.

If I was not going to post it, I would have deleted it straight away.

Now, there was a question at the end of my reply, are you going to do us all the "courtesy" of answering it?