Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Europe Turns to Corporate Sponsors for Cultural Heritage

Purists are agast, but financial realities have caused cash strapped countries like Italy to turn to corporate sponsors to save crumbling cultural sites. 

Hopefully, the same countries will next work on deaccessioning duplicates they have no funds to adequately care for anyway.


Paul Barford said...

"Purists are aghast,"
links please.

The use of corporate sponsorship for culture (of all kinds) is pretty general over here in Europe, culture wins and corporations win by association with noble causes. So I fail to see why anyone would be aghast at the idea, so please give us some links to support the puzzling statement.

Cultural Property Observer said...

You might actually want to read the article:

“Our monuments are being degraded by these exchanges of money between private and public powers. Are we so poor that we have to sell our grandfathers?” said Alessandra Mottola Molfino, national president of Italia Nostra, a cultural heritage group that has campaigned against the Colosseum and Fondaco di Tedesci projects.

Paul Barford said...

Ah, I thought you meant in the US