Monday, April 1, 2013

Cash-Strapped Italian Government to Convert Embassy to Food Emporium?

CPO has heard from a reliable source that the cash-strapped Italian Government is in talks with Eataly, the popular Italian Food Emporium, to take over its beautiful, modernistic Palazzo style Embassy in Washington, D.C. As part of the plan, Embassy officials are said to be considering auctioning off the building's impressive display of antiquities through Sotheby’s or Christie’s in New York. Alternatively, they will remain in situ for the enjoyment of Eataly patrons.

Eataly’s fall-back plan is to negotiate with the GSA to lease one of the federal government’s neo-classical buildings for the same purpose. Buildings mentioned include Union Station and the Art Deco style FTC headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue. Meanwhile, less certain are plans of local Greek entrepreneurs to create “pop up” restaurants in the nearby Greek and Cypriot Embassies. 

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