Thursday, June 6, 2013

D-Day Battle Still Imprinted on Normandy Beaches

Almost 70 years have passed since Allied forces invaded Normandy on June 6, 1944.  Today, only military cemeteries and a few German concrete defensive emplacements remain visible indications of the battle, but believe it or not, the sand itself still remembers in its own way too.


kyri said...

nice post peter,an amazing article about the normandy makes a pleasant change to some of the personal attacks that have been littering your blog lately.

Cultural Property Observer said...

Thank you. D-Day and those who died on all sides (and let's not forget the French civilians) should be remembered. As for "personal attacks" I'm not sure what you referring to other than responses to Mr. Barford's recent antics which have even included pictures of dead children. I guess one person's 'personal attack' is another's reasoned response.

Wayne G. Sayles said...


You never cease to amaze me with your personal restraint.

kyri said...

hi peter ,im certainly not hear to defend mr.barford and believe it or not i actually enjoy reading mr houghtons comments but he does diminish his arguments when he uses phrases like ,"let the dogs bark" and "small and undistinguished people" when referring to others that just happen to have a different opinion on cultural matters than he it really necessary.he comes over as somebody that is aloof and above the rest,when he does this,which im sure he is about everyone staying civil and try arguing their side,as you do yourself,to your credit.just my opinion as a neutral observer with an intrest in the topic[as a collector].im sorry if i offended anyone [regarding waynes comment]but i like to speak my mind. where others may just read the comments and agree with me but stay silent.

Cultural Property Observer said...

Thanks Kyri. Peter