Monday, July 15, 2013

Source Country Supporter Advises Cleveland to Stay Firm

Culture Grrl, who has been supportive of repatriation claims, has suggested that Cleveland stand firm against Sicily's last minute demands for more money to allow its exhibit to go forward.  Perhaps other ardent repatriationists should take notice.


Paul Barford said...

What do you mean "repatriation" here? The objects currently in the USA BELONG to Italy/Sicily don't they? Or do you think your museums intendd hanging onto them and not giving them back?

Cultural Property Observer said...

Yes, of course they do. But repatriationists like youeself seem to have a source country right or wrong mentality. Under the circumstances, Culture Grrls' thoughts should give you and others some pause.

Paul Barford said...

But again, this is not a "repatriation" case, but a contractual issue, I cannot see why you treat the one as though it was the other.