Friday, October 4, 2013


Anti-American archaeo-blogger David Gill is branching out, criticizing a senior Republican Congressman for his efforts to tie the federal budget to changes in the President's signature healthcare law.  Congressman Culberson is indeed passionate about this issue as are many Americans who are on one side or the other.  Coin collectors can agree or disagree with the Congressman on this issue, but they should be grateful that he also cares about State Department transparency and accountability.  But so do Democratic legislators like the Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.   And, of course, let's not forget Democratic Senator Moynihan, who ensured the Convention on Cultural Property Implementation Act contained significant substantive and procedural constraints on Executive authority.  I've noted all this in a comment to Gill's blog, but for some reason he has not yet seen fit to publish it.  Perhaps, he does not want to acknowledge that despite the partisanship in Washington, concern about how the State Department and Customs impose import restrictions on cultural goods is something both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans can agree upon.

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Cultural Property Observer said...

I note David Gill has now posted my comment on his blog.